Funny Greeting card you like most..

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A Funny Flash Greeting Card. Watch this and you will be amazed. Wait for it to Load and after Loading, Enter two names and click “Visualizar“, You should see your name in the video. Great work! I got this from a Spanish Website that’s why the Video is Spanish.


If you are new to Adsense, and not earning at least a cent per day, I am very sure that you will be planning to click your own ads.


I’m sure that you will try to go to Internet Cafes or change your IP Adress just to click the ads on your Website, Not knowing that Google is very intellegent enough to track you.

The same thing happened to my friend as he does the same thing ! So be aware when clicking on your adscenes

So, How does google know if you click your own ads even if you are not using your own computer?

Here are the 5 things you should know:

1. Too many Clicks Clicks - too many clicks in your ads can cause your adsense to be disabled.
2. No Referral Pages - if you directly enter your website in the address bar of your browser then click your own ads, thats very obvoius enough. Google knows it.
3. Low Traffic - If you have low traffic, and you got clicks, it can also result to your account to be banned. For example, if you have only 10 visitors a day and you got 5 or more than clicks, thats also very obvious.
4. Not related ad cliks - If you got clicks that are not related to your website or blog post, can be also a result to ban.
5. Duration of Visitor - Google knows how long your visitors stayed in your website. If an individual goes to your site and clicks your ads even he/she stayed only a second in your site, can also be a result to ban.

Just a change in the creativity...

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Thanks to Roshan Kolar for his CREATIVE work !