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Posted by AVINASH GANIGA | 12:51 AM

ಉ೦ದು ನಮ್ಮ ಉರ್ಧ
ನಮ್ಮ ನಾದ್ಧ, ನಮ್ಮ ನೀರ್ಧ

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Being the regular user of Mac OS X, I just want to have a way of converting the file formats of the screen shots I take very often, since the default image file format that is being saved on the desktop for each screen shot I take using the Mac short keys (Shift+Cmd+[3 or 4]) will be PNG. So instead of changing the file format of the screen shots every time manually, I found a better way of converting the file formats as we desire automatically by just typing the following command in the Mac terminal window:

defaults write com.apple.screencapture type image_format

Here replace the 'image_format' with the desired file format. I have tried with JPEG, TIFF and PDF and all the worked fine for me) You'll then have to logout/login to make the change take effect.


Finally its a good news for the Mac Users, since Google has officially released the Beta version of their popular photo management application Picasa for Macs in the recent held Macworld, 2009 offering a free download for OS X. It is a long awaiting release for the Mac users, since Picasa was only released for Windows and Linux platforms.

Picasa for Mac does not have any major feature wise difference, compared to its windows counterpart.

Both the versions has free web album uploads after editing the images as desired with the tools comes with Picasa by default. Now Picasa for Mac has become a direct competitor to Macs iPhoto

Some of the major features incorporated with picasa are:

Photo Management:
Picasa scans your entire computer for new photos and keeps them neatly organized, with great timeline features, tagging, and folder organization.

Image Editing:
The Mac version of Picasa has some impressive editing capabilities, including non-destructive editing of photos. Users can edit the images with the tools that comes with Picasa by default.


Upload to Web Albums:
Picasa for Mac offers seamless integration with Picasa Web Albums, Google's online photo sharing site. Once after the editing of images as desired the user can upload the images direct to the online Picasa web album with a single click
So Why to wait !... Hurry up and download a FREE Beta release of Picasa  for Mac for OS X.

So Why to wait !... Hurry up and download a FREE Beta release of Picasa  for Mac for OS X.