Dear CATV subscribers,

The great news for Dakshin Kannada and Udupi CATV subscribers are  already out ! Its again a great achievement from UCN (United  Communication Network) who always care on quality and the service of  huge range of entertainment channels they are providing since from  15 years.

Yes its all DIGITAL now! An yet another milestone from UCN, Udupi a  leader in costal Cable TV service provider. Now forget about the old  analog signal because most of UCN subscribers might have experienced  the problem with clarity of most of the channels that tunes at the  end. Now its all gone, the subscriber can experience the DVD quality  pictures & clear sound by installing a setup box which gives a  theatre-like experience, high quality & international standard  services without having to buy expensive equipment. The viewing  experience will be completely different from the one at present  (Analog Cable broadcast medium)DEN, a Digital Entertainment Network MNC has already had a tie up  with UCN and now its DEN-UCN. DEN is a leading digital broadband  service provider who can approach people with their great digital  clarity signals through the local CATV network. Now people don't  have to go for the costly Dish TV's,since the the present cable only  provides a huge range of channels with all digital clarity  (presently 160+ channels)

Subscribing to Digitally:
Subscribing to Digitelly is easy! Just get in touch with us or call  your local cable operator to experience the ultimate in digital  entertainment. Ask him for a demo and then definitely you start  loving it because its completely digital and different from the  present analog signal.

Say bye to Dish TV now ! Dish TV

BENIFITS of Setup Box over Dish TV:


Enhanced Quality of Transmission and great digital surround sound: You get DVD quality pictures &  crystal clear sound offering you a theatre-like experience. You can  also enjoy high quality and international standard services without  having to buy expensive equipment. Enjoy the most advanced digital  technologies such as electronic program guide, program  reservations and reminders, parental control and lots more.

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Wider Choice: Get more variety, more choice, more entertainment from  Digitelly packages with an exciting mix of all popular channels  ranging from general entertainment, sports and news to movies and  music. Offering includes city specific channels and local channels.

Dont miss

Programme Reservations & Reminders: This feature empowers the you to  reserve a program for future viewing. As the program's start  time approaches, you will receive a reminder message, or the box can  also be set to automatically switch to the selected program.


Radio channels direct to home: This is an value added service provided by DEN. This is  a amazing offer to all the music lover and can listen to any kind of music from home

Electronic Program Guide: Our always-available Electronic  Program Guide enables you to view program, information and  other options of interest without disrupting the program you are  currently viewing. The Guide displays the name, start time, and date  of all programs and also upcoming program of all channels  including their synopses.

Information Banners: The on-screen information banner allows you to  browse through the schedule listing for the channel you want to  watch. It also provides short program descriptions without  disturbing your viewing.

Parental Control: This feature empowers you to block certain  channels from being viewed based upon their rating values. This can  be best applied to prevent children from watching channels  unsuitable for them.

Internet: user can make user of a heavy bandwidth broadband interment service and grab the world in their hands

Please contact Digitelly care at digitellycare@denonline.in or your  local cable operator for packages best suited to you.

Great work UCN! Hats off