Sputtr is a thin online web application which integrates all the most popular search engines at one place.

Just go and type anything you want to search in the search field provided and click on the desired search engine button you want to search. That's it !

The major advantage of this online tool is that the user can search anything from anywhere. It not only scans from the higher end Google Search, but it also search for the given stuff from various image and video sites like Flicker, Photobucket, You Tube etc.

Some major online search engines supported are:

 Google : News | Video | Images | Map | Groups | Scholar

 Yahoo | MS Live | Ask |  Delicious | Digg | Technotati | Reddit | furl | Youtube | iFilm | Metacafe   | Flicker | Amazon | ebaY

Apart from all these features it also allows the user to customize this online search tool by adding own search engines with customized buttons to the way he desires. Only thing needs to be done is to provide a proper search string and a customized button. Once you have registered and customized this online tool with own search buttons, then these buttons are also visible to every other online user using this tool.

I am using this tool and customized this pretty cool tool as per my requirements and this really helps me in getting the things done in a easy way.

Hope this may help you too !

Thanks to my friend Girish Kolari for the great info !




Mr. K Rahupathi Bhat as I have seen is a great politician, personality and a good friend of mine, more than that a good human being and who has done a great contribution to Udupi in all the possible areas that I think no other politician has even dreamt of. He has served and still doing great job for the ultimate development of Udupi.

I have been in touch with him since from a couple of years and got to know much better about him and his great contribution to the society through Kiran Kumar, Bailur. Lots of MLA"s have come and ruled Udupi for years but know one could even improve Udupi as Raghupathi Bhat did as a MLA that also in a very short period of time. I will proudly say it as a tremendous improvement for Udupi people! Just think of Udupi now, compare to the last few years,  the roads got widened, drinking water problems are solved, great improvement in education field, ever made recycled dumping yard, rehabilitation programs and lots more.There is a famous quote 'The Road to Success is always under construction' and Mr Bhat is very much near to the milestone of each and everyone who wants to see a better improved Udupi very soon. Great work done is always be appreciated  and Mr. Bhat has been consistently achieving popularity with his great contribution, work  and achievement he did to make Udupi as the better improved city.

My humble request to all the educated youths to build a better Udupi by just glancing on the achievement, contribution and the great work that our Mr. Bhat has done for the society as well as to make Udupi as the better improved city of coastal region.Hats of Mr Bhat !

I have created and updating all his work and achievements on behalf of him in a blog.

Please do visit


Wish you all the very best Mr Bhat .. We Udupi youths are always with you.

Now its a great time for all the cricket fans for the much awaiting IPL (Indian Premier League) which is suppose to start from 18 April 2008 which will continue till 1st June. This multi million dollar competition has already attract world media a lot because of some of the mega stars of world cricket and huge prize money offered from IPL authority and till now no other cricket tournament offered as much prize money as IPL offered in the history of cricket. This tournament is completely based and follow the rules as in Twenty20 tournament .

There are eight teams based on different cities and provinces of India and each of the teams consists of several local and foreign players. Players were bought by the teams in an independent bidding auction. Each of the eight franchises of IPL are owned by several professionals from different fields like Business, showbiz etc


Enjoy the online live score and updates with the below list of web sites:

Today I got an interesting and a more useful mail from one of my college friend regarding  an absolutely free of cost  heart treatment (including open heart surgery) for kids which will bring an everlasting smile on children needing heart treatment, at Sri Sathya Sai Institute Higher Medical Sciences, Bangalore.


The free service will enable the needy parents to have their kids treated without being worried about the cost since most of the children's who are having heart problems,their parents couldn't afford for their operation .

The Sri Sathya Sai Institute Higher Medical Sciences is located in E.P.I.P. Area, White Field, Bangalore.

The responsible authorities can be contacted for any information regarding this free treatment with the below given address

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences
EPIP Area, Whitefield,
Bangalore 560 066,
Karnataka, INDIA.

Telephone: +91- 080- 28411500
Fax +91 - 080- 28411502

Click this for more info


Please show heart by passing this needful information on to all who are in need !

Thank You !


Yugaadi (yuga+aadi = cycle+beginning) means beginning of another year for Hindus the world over. We all know, may be simplistically, what a year is - it is the time earth takes to go once around the Sun on a path that is almost circular.

untitled This is celebrated as new year. There is the air of freshness in the nature as this is the spring season. In some parts of Bharat, the tender leaves of neem mixed with jaggery and offered to God as naivedya and then distributed as prasaada. The neem, extremely bitter in taste, and jaggery sweet and delicious, signify the two conflicting aspects of human life - joy and sorrow, success and failure, ecstasy and agony.

This tells us that we should remain calm and balanced during success and failure, joy and sorrow and take everything as the gift of God.

I got so many comments about my previous eSnips download songs hack since it is not so reliable as user has to manually change the last number in the link  to a random number every time for download. Also it was not supporting all kinds of browser windows (only supports FireFox). But I never stopped my search for the best and the easy way to download songs and finally came up with an ultimate way to do the same. I got a download songs link generator from Zuhaib 

Please note that use only flash compatible browsers before trying this !(else you won't see the below flash image)

This link generator works fine for mp3, wma files. When downloading Mp3 files click on the Mp3 radio button, in case of other media file types choose others.

Yes ! hurry up and download your favorite songs !

In one of my earlier post esnips - Download songs 'Hack',  I have mentioned an easy way to download songs from esnips with nsdoc. Actuallly that was an easier approach to download the desired song by just appending 'ns' to the song play link url.


Well, the old method of NSDOC will not work anymore as ESnips have changed their Player and the new player follows a bit different approach to play a file. Here is the new way of downloading.

I have tried this new hack and it only works with Firefox browser and it won't work in any of the other browsers like IE, Safari etc

You can download Google's Firefox web browser here

Well, Hope you all a bit happy now !

Just go to play any of the files in esnips, if for e.g if the song URL that you want to play is[aR]-Classically-Mild---01---Sochta-Hoon-Main

then follow the below steps to download any file including the above:

1. change doc to nsdoc in the URL.

2. Remove the song name completely from URL, in above case this would be


3. Replace the Song name with /ts_id/1205795172796/ns_flash/file1.mp3

4. Now just copy paste the new URL into the address bar and press enter.. and that's it all about. Your download will start automatically

In above case the new URL will be -

Only disadvantage of this method is, the file that downloads will not have the actual filename, rather will have file1.mp3 as it’s filename.

Howz that folks !

Being a regular blogger I frequently used to find new things for my blogger page layout like widgets, hacks etc. Since from the past couple of months I was pretty irritated with the blogger's blog archive widget which my site visitors will use to browse blog contents. But today while playing with my daily mate called Google Search I found superb way to browse the entire contents of my blog in a much easier passion with a single click. I would like to simply call it as 'TOC' (Table of Contents)


All you need to do is a simple update to your blogger HTML and CSS and you are done. Since I found it more useful and hope you can try the same for yours also. You can try the same with my blog by just clicking on 'Easy Go Avirules' link on my right side bar.
NOTE: Please make sure that you have have a complete backup of your blog code, before trying this hack !

Here is how it goes...


Follow the Below Steps:

Backup your template first before start (recommended)

1. Go to edit template and look for the code <b:section> with id=main. This is the section which holds all of your blog posts. Which looks similar to the below

<b:section class='post' id='main' maxwidgets='x' showaddelelment='yes'>

change the above line of code to

<b:section class='main' id='main' maxwidgets='x' showaddelelment='yes'>

Save the template

2. Go to Add Page Elements and add a HTML/Java Script page element above your blog posts and put the below code into it before saving

<div id="toc"></div>

3. Now add another HTML/Java Script page element to either your left or right sidebar and put the below code into it before you save. (don't forget to update your blog URl in the code)

Please download the code from this link

4. At last download the code from the below given link and then add it either to the <b:skin> part of the template directly or the side bar page element used in the above STEP 3

Please download the code from this link

That's it. Go ahead and refresh you blog once.. Really cool na !