Sometimes it happens that you have to hide your secure data  hmm....whatever it may be but there should be an easy and a professional way to do it.  YES the sensitive and the important data stored on a particular volume of your disk drive can be hided in a much more professional passion through Command Line.


Please follow the below commands to see how it works !

All it will do is, just removes the drive letter assigned to a particular mounted volume when viewed through Windows Explorer

Successfully works for both Windows XP and Vista.


  1. Click Start -> Run and type cmd to bring Command Prompt
  2. Type diskpart in the command prompt and press Enter
  3. In the Diskpart utility that puts up within the Command Prompt window and then type list volume to list all the mounted volumes and their associated drive letters
  4. Now if you like to hide the drive X from Volume A, just type select volume A and then press Enter and then type remove letter X (this sometimes requires a Cold Boot)

Suppose you want the display back the hidden volume then,

  1. Repeat the above process, but instead of typing remove letter X, type assign letter X


NOTE: Since many third party applications are available for this task, but I have been trying this technique through command line which I prefer the best way of doing it.

Hope you enjoyed and might felt yourself in secured way.