In one of my earlier post esnips - Download songs 'Hack',  I have mentioned an easy way to download songs from esnips with nsdoc. Actuallly that was an easier approach to download the desired song by just appending 'ns' to the song play link url.


Well, the old method of NSDOC will not work anymore as ESnips have changed their Player and the new player follows a bit different approach to play a file. Here is the new way of downloading.

I have tried this new hack and it only works with Firefox browser and it won't work in any of the other browsers like IE, Safari etc

You can download Google's Firefox web browser here

Well, Hope you all a bit happy now !

Just go to play any of the files in esnips, if for e.g if the song URL that you want to play is[aR]-Classically-Mild---01---Sochta-Hoon-Main

then follow the below steps to download any file including the above:

1. change doc to nsdoc in the URL.

2. Remove the song name completely from URL, in above case this would be


3. Replace the Song name with /ts_id/1205795172796/ns_flash/file1.mp3

4. Now just copy paste the new URL into the address bar and press enter.. and that's it all about. Your download will start automatically

In above case the new URL will be -

Only disadvantage of this method is, the file that downloads will not have the actual filename, rather will have file1.mp3 as it’s filename.

Howz that folks !

  1. Shanmukharaja M April 6, 2008 at 12:17 AM  

    gr8 man.. u rock!

  2. Anonymous June 7, 2008 at 11:48 PM  

    the file1 doesnt work anymore...

    but i tried file88 instead and it worked...

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