Mr. K Rahupathi Bhat as I have seen is a great politician, personality and a good friend of mine, more than that a good human being and who has done a great contribution to Udupi in all the possible areas that I think no other politician has even dreamt of. He has served and still doing great job for the ultimate development of Udupi.

I have been in touch with him since from a couple of years and got to know much better about him and his great contribution to the society through Kiran Kumar, Bailur. Lots of MLA"s have come and ruled Udupi for years but know one could even improve Udupi as Raghupathi Bhat did as a MLA that also in a very short period of time. I will proudly say it as a tremendous improvement for Udupi people! Just think of Udupi now, compare to the last few years,  the roads got widened, drinking water problems are solved, great improvement in education field, ever made recycled dumping yard, rehabilitation programs and lots more.There is a famous quote 'The Road to Success is always under construction' and Mr Bhat is very much near to the milestone of each and everyone who wants to see a better improved Udupi very soon. Great work done is always be appreciated  and Mr. Bhat has been consistently achieving popularity with his great contribution, work  and achievement he did to make Udupi as the better improved city.

My humble request to all the educated youths to build a better Udupi by just glancing on the achievement, contribution and the great work that our Mr. Bhat has done for the society as well as to make Udupi as the better improved city of coastal region.Hats of Mr Bhat !

I have created and updating all his work and achievements on behalf of him in a blog.

Please do visit http://kraghupathibhat.blogspot.com


Wish you all the very best Mr Bhat .. We Udupi youths are always with you.

  1. Anonymous May 5, 2008 at 5:49 PM  

    hey loser, how much has Bhatta paid u to post this???