Friends, as you know till now I have posted around 4 hacks to download songs from the eSnips songs database, but every time I tried to do so eSnips people always have some stuffs to block it. But after a nice weekend, today morning I came with yet another easy way to download songs.


This only works with Apple's Safari web browser . I hope all Mac users are already familiar about it. Windows users who don't have Safari browser can download it here.

Downloading songs here is very easy and simple.  Please follow the below steps for download..

1. Open Safari and go to any eSnips song you would like to play
2. when the page loads, go to Activity menu item under Window menu  (or simply use Ctrl+Alt+A as short key) 
3. In the Activity Window that puts up, go to the desired songs URL (look for file type as MP3 under Status tab) that you would like to download and simply double click on that

that's it ... you are done ! Download will initiate in Safari's default Download dialog

Keep Going friends ! have a nice time

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