Today I came across a very good and more  useful blog which I think is very useful for each and every citizen of Udupi district. Its a great achievement by Udupi District police as well as a tremondous contribution to each and every Udupia'n.


Udupi people can take more benefit from it since it has a regular updates involving all the crime, thefts that are happening in the district through online, so that people could much aware of such situations.

Please do make better use out of it..

Apart from all the basic features it also has an online complaint booking system and a list of contact numbers of all the police stations, higher police officials so that the people can make much more use of it in the disastrous situations. Since I feel it as more useful but the same can be made much better apart from the present one by adding some crime awareness videos so that the younger generation will get better knowledge from it.

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