A glance on Apple's iPod touch...

Posted by AVINASH GANIGA | 10:29 PM


          new iPod touch 


The hard-drive based player is now being termed as iPod Classic and all its new versions will have the hip metal casings and will be available in 80 and 160GB capacities.

Apple has recently announced upgrades on iPods. All IPod types including iPod Shuffle, Nano, will get cosmetic improvements and performance upgrades, this is being seen as preparation to do well in sales in the coming holiday season.

Out of the iPod family, iPod Nano is top seller, it is going get some cool renderings. The newer iPod Nano will have a 2-inch screen and this makes is capable of playing video. With the default 320×240 resolution as the previous video iPod models.


              iPod shuffle


            iPod nano 

Apple has also launched iPod Touch, which is basically a 8 or 16GB iPhone without a cellular phone. It is very similar to the iPhone, it also offers a Wi-Fi connection and mobile browser. I don’t know why would anyone buy iPod touch and not iphone, iPod touch has everything just no calling options.

The never versions of iPod Nano and Classic iPod will have a new navigation interface which displays photo, movie, or cover art images alongside the menu.